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Good Deed of the Day : Vote for Teacher up for National Teacher’s Prize on Live with Kelly!

by One Frugal Chick on 04/29/2012

I got a facebook message from reader, Amber, asking if we could all vote for her former High School teacher who is currently up for a National Teacher’s prize on the Live with Kelly show. Voting ends tomorrow. The teacher’s name is Wendy Martin. CLICK HERE to vote.

Here is the message Amber wrote, “I know this is out of the realm of couponing, but you have such a strong female voice and a large fanbase of smart, financially independent women, I thought I’d send a message. I’m seven years out of high school this month. I have graduated from college once, and will again next spring with a teaching license. This is in part due to a team of amazing women from my former high school. One of which is a science teacher, specifically biology and anatomy. She is a beautiful woman who inspires girls to pursue math and science. She runs two blood drives a year, that break donation records, and that says a lot when the school has 400 students versus the 2000 of other area high schools. She organizes donation drives for battered women’s shelters, and cleanups of city parks and highways, and pollution studies on the river. Several years ago, her three-year-old son lost his arm in a lawnmower accident and had to fight for his life. She came back to school that fall and used her personal story as inspiration to increase blood drive donations. Wendy Martin is currently up for a national teacher’s prize on the Live with Kelly show. Voting ends tomorrow. I would just love if you would post the link, maybe under your good deed of the day category? She absolutely deserves the award. Thanks Natasha for your time and all the wonderful coupon deals you post. Definitely helps this little college lady out!”

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Tina W April 29, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Done…. I wasn’t aware of the contest but I am glad that I do now. Good luck to Wendy and all the amazing other teachers!

Amber April 29, 2012 at 7:40 pm

Thanks so much for the vote. I wasn’t aware either until I saw the post on a friend’s Facebook. I’m really hoping she wins, she was an amazing teacher!

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