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Frugal Fun Ideas w Lina: $1 Store No Sew Ruffle Stockings & My Mantel

by fancyfrugallife on 12/06/2012

How do you like my new $50 shabby chic boutique Christmas stockings? Ha ha just kidding…
These are from the dollar store…specifically Dollar Tree.
Our old stockings needed to be updated and they can be pretty expensive and I almost attempted to sew my own, but then spotted these white ones for a dollar.
And then I got even lazier and decided to see if hot gluing ruffles to the top of the stocking would work…and it did!
I had some left over linen looking thrift store material that worked out perfect! All I did was just start cutting out 2 inch wide pieces and gluing, making sure to create a “ruffle” as I went along. It doesn’t matter how long you make your cuts because you can just start gluing another piece.
 I love how they look on the mantel and they match the new Christmas tree skirt I bought this week.
(I had a blast one day this week spending time in Home Goods spending a little birthday money!) I’ll show you some other great finds later on :) Wink..


I made this wreath about 3 years ago B.B. (Before Blogging)
It is made with a plain branch wreath from the craft store and then I added a bunch of hydrangea blooms.

Last year I added these pearl looking berries.
This year I decided to hang it on one of the fabric covered canvases from my family room makeover. I love the contrast. The script fabric is from Ikea
 I love these angels. They are from my Grammy. And I always used the dollar store candles I embellished with mod podge and music paper for every holiday! :)


Thanks for stopping by to see what’s on my mantel! Do you like the stockings? Do they look like they are from the dollar store? :)

 I’d love for you stop by my blog Fancy Frugal Life to see the rest of my Christmas!

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rose December 9, 2012 at 12:23 am

Please don’t take it the wrong way but I think it looked more classy and expensive when the silk top was showing. I think the ruffles(rags) made it look cheap. I don’t know maybe it is the color of the ruffles(rags). But the sequenced stocking with silk top looked expensive like from Macy’s or something nobody would have guessed you had bought it at the Dollar tree unless you had actually told them.

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