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Frugal Fun Ideas with Brie: Ways to Save Money on a Wedding

by Breezy Brie on 07/15/2013

Last Monday I shared my DIY Mr. and Mrs. signs and Teena asked for more ways to save on a wedding! One of the best ways to save on a wedding is to have your wedding in an off season (ex. not summer) and often Fridays, Sundays, and other weekdays are cheaper. However, I had a Saturday, June wedding with 150+ people with dinner, dancing, etc. (The reception venue and food alone was $5500! YIKES) But it’s still possible to save money! In all, our wedding cost about $8000 – quite a bit below the national average :)
Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Dress and Accessories – I found my wedding dress on Craigslist for $50. I first went to bridal stores to try dresses on and know what styles I liked, and then I started looking online. If you start looking soon enough, your dream wedding dress might just pop up – mine did! :) I borrowed my veil and wore my mother-in-law’s jewelry.

Flowers / Budget – Know what you can spend, and don’t be shy to share your budget! For example, when figuring out flowers, I was very honest with how much we had budgeted for flowers and our florist was able to work with us there. Instead of corsages, I made flower clips for my friends who were helping out with the wedding (ex. singing, reading, personal attendants) – they were way cuter and fashionable than corsages! But my grandparents still got the corsages (can’t really picture grandma with a flower in her hair!) Also, we didn’t have flowers for centerpieces at the reception.

Programs – I made my programs for $10. Many churches will also print them for free.

Invitations – I wasn’t picky with the wedding invitation (honestly, they just get thrown away), my aunt found packs of 50 at a $1 clearance sale, and my uncle printed them for me at his work. We had two different styles, here was one of the invitations we sent out. They were pretty, simple, and worked great. My friends and I addressed the envelopes. Plus, since they were simple we didn’t have to pay extra postage to mail them.

Save the Dates – Our save-the-dates were postcards from Vistaprint, they often have sales and we only paid shipping.

Photographer – We were blessed that one of our photographer friends was able to give us an awesome deal. You can see our pictures here. We even had a slide show with our wedding pictures at the reception! The photographer is something I feel it’s okay to spend more money on – pictures are important! But, like I said with the flowers, be honest with your budget and see what they can do for you.

DJ – If you are having a dance, it’s worth paying a few hundred dollars for a DJ! Ours was amazing, an iPod just doesn’t compare (in my opinion). We looked at prices and then stopped by a wedding to listen to the DJ before we booked one.

Cake – We had a 3 layer cake – and the bottom layer was Styrofoam! We also had Costco sheet cakes. Everything was cut in the back and brought out, so it didn’t matter!

Bridesmaid dresses – My bridesmaids all paid for their dresses, but I wanted to make sure I was getting them a good deal too! Bridal stores can be overpriced, I found the bridesmaid dresses at a prom store. It was also nice that they could buy them and take them home the same day. Their shoes were from Target when they were buy one, get one half off. Their jewelry was a present from me :)

Hair/Make-up – I asked a girl who was just finishing up beauty school to do our hair for the wedding. She brought a friend, and they did my hair and all of the bridesmaids hair at the church. She even came to my house before the wedding to do a trial for free. It was so nice to do it on location. We all did our own make-up (and I had my friends help me).

Hope that gives you ideas on how to save! How else have you saved on a wedding? Feel free to share in the comments!
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Liz July 15, 2013 at 5:36 pm

We got our flowers online from a wholesale shipper. Don’t be afraid to get them online. We ordered from Hawaii. They showed up the day before the wedding (So i could figure something out if they came in bad). They were beautiful! Nicely packaged and shipped and cost about 20% of what the floral store quoted me! I was so nervous when a friend suggested it but I’m glad I followed her advice. I received mine in July in Texas and had no problems with overheating!

Also, don’t be afraid to trade favors with the vendors. My friend is a photographer. She was able to get most of her wedding done for free by offering free photography to the vendors in exchange for their services. Everyone needs a photographer.

Teena July 16, 2013 at 6:59 pm

Thank you for posting these tips! I like the cake idea!

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