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Frugal Fun Ideas!

Last Monday I shared my DIY Mr. and Mrs. signs and Teena asked for more ways to save on a wedding! One of the best ways to save on a wedding is to have your wedding in an off season (ex. not summer) and often Fridays, Sundays, and other weekdays are cheaper. However, I had a Saturday, June wedding with 150+ people with dinner, dancing, etc. (The reception venue and food alone was $5500! YIKES) But it’s still possible to save money! In all, our wedding cost about $8000 – quite a bit below the national average :)
Ways to Save Money on a Wedding Dress and Accessories – I found my wedding dress on Craigslist for $50. I first went to bridal stores to try dresses on and know what styles I liked, and then I started looking online. If you start looking soon enough, your dream wedding dress might just pop up – mine did! :) I borrowed my veil and wore my mother-in-law’s jewelry.

Flowers / Budget – Know what you can spend, and don’t be shy to share your budget! For example, when figuring out flowers, I was very honest with how much we had budgeted for flowers and our florist was able to work with us there. Instead of corsages, I made flower clips for my friends who were helping out with the wedding (ex. singing, reading, personal attendants) – they were way cuter and fashionable than corsages! But my grandparents still got the corsages (can’t really picture grandma with a flower in her hair!) Also, we didn’t have flowers for centerpieces at the reception.

Programs – I made my programs for $10. Many churches will also print them for free.

Invitations – I wasn’t picky with the wedding invitation (honestly, they just get thrown away), my aunt found packs of 50 at a $1 clearance sale, and my uncle printed them for me at his work. We had two different styles, here was one of the invitations we sent out. They were pretty, simple, and worked great. My friends and I addressed the envelopes. Plus, since they were simple we didn’t have to pay extra postage to mail them.

Save the Dates – Our save-the-dates were postcards from Vistaprint, they often have sales and we only paid shipping.

Photographer – We were blessed that one of our photographer friends was able to give us an awesome deal. You can see our pictures here. We even had a slide show with our wedding pictures at the reception! The photographer is something I feel it’s okay to spend more money on – pictures are important! But, like I said with the flowers, be honest with your budget and see what they can do for you.

DJ – If you are having a dance, it’s worth paying a few hundred dollars for a DJ! Ours was amazing, an iPod just doesn’t compare (in my opinion). We looked at prices and then stopped by a wedding to listen to the DJ before we booked one.

Cake – We had a 3 layer cake – and the bottom layer was Styrofoam! We also had Costco sheet cakes. Everything was cut in the back and brought out, so it didn’t matter!

Bridesmaid dresses – My bridesmaids all paid for their dresses, but I wanted to make sure I was getting them a good deal too! Bridal stores can be overpriced, I found the bridesmaid dresses at a prom store. It was also nice that they could buy them and take them home the same day. Their shoes were from Target when they were buy one, get one half off. Their jewelry was a present from me :)

Hair/Make-up – I asked a girl who was just finishing up beauty school to do our hair for the wedding. She brought a friend, and they did my hair and all of the bridesmaids hair at the church. She even came to my house before the wedding to do a trial for free. It was so nice to do it on location. We all did our own make-up (and I had my friends help me).

Hope that gives you ideas on how to save! How else have you saved on a wedding? Feel free to share in the comments!
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So the night before my wedding (seriously, at like midnight) I decided I really wanted DIY Mr. and Mrs. signs at our head table. I used supplies that I had on hand to make these signs for NO COST.
I had two pink signs framed with hearts that I painted white. (Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of the progress!)

Then I picked a font that I like and typed Mr. and Mrs. on my computer. I then free-handed it (the visual helped though – is that still free-handing?) using the opposite thin end of my paintbrush, weird, right? But it helped me actually make it look neat!

I then went to sleep and got a good night’s rest! I brought the signs with me to the church the next morning where my girls and I got ready.

My dear friend and bridesmaid Liz bejeweled my signs while we were getting ready in the morning with my favorite never ending supply of jewels I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
I loved my signs. I’m so happy with how they turned out – our table would have been so boring without them! The last minute details are sometimes the best :)
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how to paint your outdoor pillows

Do you have old looking outdoor pillows or cushions? Ever thought of painting them? Here’s a great way to refresh your patio by painting them!

The first time I heard you could paint fabric was in the Chalk Paint Basics class I took at 3 Oaks Studio. My Chalk Paint® stockist Vicki was telling us how she painted her Toms brand canvas shoes, and even her outdoor pool deck with this paint. How intriguing, right?

Our outdoor furniture is about 5 or 6 years old and it came with these plain beige Sunbrella fabric pillows. They were starting to look dingy and I thought about replacing them because I am also creating a little cabana makeover where I’ve sewn my own curtains for outside. It’s looking really cute and green is my accent color for outside.

My husband thought I was nuts by the way! HA ha..He said, “You’re going to ruin the pillows and they won’t be soft”…And I was like, “Since when do you rub your face on our outdoor pillows?” In the end he said they look good :0

paint your outdoor pillows

 Outdoor pillows can be super pricey so instead of buying new ones paint the old ones! I love how they tuned out! The first thing I did was take out the stuffing and cleaned the pillow covers and put cardboard inside so paint wouldn’t bleed. The colors I used are Pure White and Antibes Green, both Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. I did water down the paint a little so it was easier to paint with and not so thick. I painted two white, and two green.

stencil outdoor pillows

 I stenciled three of them, and then did green grain sack like stripes with blue painters tape on one pillow as shown above. That one was painted white, dried, taped off, and painted green.

pillows painted with chalk paint by annie sloan

My nautical stencil was a Martha Stewart one purchased from JoAnn’s.  I also used my Royal Design Studio stencil, Moorish Endless Circle design for the modern looking circle pillow..The modern leaf looking one was also from my stash via JoAnn’s.

before & after outdoor pillow makeover

So what do you think of my little pillow makeovers? Different, right? Stay tuned for my outdoor curtain cabana coming soon.

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My friends and I recently had our first favorite things party. Think – Oprah’s Favorite Things on a MUCH smaller scale.
 photo c57f1751-38c5-48ca-8a1c-e878a6269af0.jpg (Get the free printable here shown on the gift bags- Thanks Positively Splendid!)

If you’ve never heard of a favorite things party before, here’s how it works: everyone brings a certain amount of their favorite thing within a certain price range. We all brought 4 of our favorite thing and it had to be $5, give or take a buck. It worked out great, since 5 of us were able to make it, so we all got one of everything! Otherwise, you draw names for who gets each favorite thing. Here’s us all with our favorite things:  photo IMG_6287.jpg My favorite thing was dry shampoo from Batiste with one of my DIY hairties. I have recently discovered it and it is amazing! On this day, I hadn’t washed my hair in 4 days, but thanks to my dry shampoo I could even wear it down and it didn’t look disgusting!

What would your favorite thing be?
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Frugal Fun Ideas with Lina: Easy D-A-D Pancakes

by fancyfrugallife on 06/13/2013

dad pancakes

Feel like making a special breakfast for Dad on Father’s Day? Here’s an easy and fun idea.

I added these photos to the end of a father’s day craft last year, and I feel like it didn’t get any spotlight. so I’m sharing again with you since I know Father’s Day is already next week!

Make your pancake batter like you normally would and then then pour it in a plastic squeeze bottle like a clean empty ketchup bottle. Then draw your letters with the bottle on the skillet. We added blueberries to our pancakes and served with strawberries and melon.

Do you make a special breakfast for dad? I’m trying to come up with ideas for this year…

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I’ve had this bulletin board for a while, and wasn’t doing anything with it because it wasn’t too nice anymore…so I decided to give it some paint magic and it’s fun and functional again!
chevron bulletin board Recently, I have fell into the chevron craze. And I’ve fallen hard. I know I’m late but it’ just so cute!!! How did I not see it before? I currently want everything to be chevron!

Unfortunately, chevron isn’t the easiest thing to paint. (Why couldn’t I just be obsessed with stripes or solid colors?!) I started to draw a grid with pencil on my bulletin board by tracing a sticky note pad. Then I drew in the diagonals of each sticky note box. I used a tissue box as my straight edge and oddly enough, it was the perfect size (weird, right? I like to think of it as resourceful!). So after a few lines, I stopped tracing the sticky note pad and just used it to put the tissue box in position. Confusing enough??? I don’t know, but it worked for me!

After all of my diagonals were penciled in and I had my chevrons, I started painting them in. I was going to do multiple colors, but then I liked the way it looked with just one. Did you see my instagram “in progress” picture? If not, maybe you should follow me on instagram @breezybriejoy! Exciting stuff, I tell you!
Oh, I also painted the frame blue. I used the Americana acrylic paints – “Mulberry” and “Deep Midnight Blue” that my mom picked out for me. Good job mom!

I had some extra space on the bottom because my bulletin board didn’t have equal post-it note spacing… This made the other side look silly.
I painted in the little triangles at the bottom and that helped.
And now it’s just chilling on this rack thing in my garage. I might hang it up some day…but we’ll see! Currently featured on our bulletin board is Lydia, the girl we sponsor, our adorable niece Heidi, a save-the-date for our best friends who are getting married on October 5 (we set them up), a wedding picture (it will be two years tomorrow!), and a card we got when we moved into our new house.
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I just love finding treasures on the curb! I have no shame :) I noticed this beauty on my way home from school last week, and after checking out, knew I needed to make it our new TV stand. Thankfully, my brother-in-law lives close by, has a big enough vehicle to pick this up, and was willing to do so!
This is how I found it on the curb. It is actually a computer desk with an entire top section, but the bottom makes for a nice TV stand. The lady who put this out was actually really nice and came out while we were loading it up and even offered to drive the top section over!

See how it turned out here. Does anyone else enjoy updating their home with trash? :)
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plant your own salsa potted garden


Do you love to make your own homemade salsa? I enjoy it and my hubby is always requesting it. I recently started growing tomatoes for the first time in my backyard and decided to plant a potted garden with ingredients especially for salsa making! Growing herbs and veggies in pots is also a great space saving idea.

early girl tomatoes

Home Depot had the large 2 quart herbs and veggies for just 3/$10  over Memorial Day weekend. I bought some cilantro, jalapeno, ancho chili, and onion chives.


To make these garden markers dip the plastic ones from the hardware store in black paint and then write on them with a white Sharpie paint pen. Easy and cute!


salsa garden markers

I planted some annuals around the edges to add some color and that was it!

how to plant a salsa garden in a pot

I can’t wait for those jalapenos to grow so we can make some fresh salsa!

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Strawberry & Almond Milk Popcycles

Isn’t it exciting when strawberries are $0.99 a pint at the store?! I love it..and It means lots of strawberry goodness for the week.

fresh strawberry pops

This weekend we made these frozen strawberry treats and they were a big hit! My kids loved them and actually we all did. I’ve been making smoothies everyday since I received a new Ninja blender for Mother’s Day…Love that thing.  I found these cool ice cream looking Popsicle forms at Ross on Friday .My daughter begged for me to get them :) You know how that goes. There were cute, and inexpensive there so I did…


Tovolo freezer molds


Strawberry “Ice Cream” Treats by Lina Darnell

(These made 8 small pops, depends on your molds.)

Blend together :

1/2 pint strawberries

1/4 cup Vanilla Almond Milk

1/3 cup Greek style yogurt


Pour them in your molds and freeze for at least a few hours before you enjoy.

I love that these are creamy, sweet, and pretty healthy!

Strawberry Ice Cream Pops

Look at my other cool “find” from the same Ross that day. I love it…just $24!

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Frugal Fun Ideas with Brie: Garage Sales

by Breezy Brie on 05/20/2013

I love garage sales and the season is just beginning! It’s so fun to find new items that I might not usually buy (or would actually buy) and get them for cheap! :) Anyway, the last couple of weeks, I’ve finally been seeing signs pop up around our neighborhood. Here’s what I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks.
Last weekend, my mom, my little sister and I went to a subdivision sale nearby. My mom is a garage sale pro. When I was growing up, just about all of our clothes, toys, and even many Christmas presents came from garage sales! As a kid, we could care less if our presents were new or not (actually, I still don’t care, but I think that might just be me).

I picked up a punch bowl and cup set was $4. The box looks quite old, but the bowl and cups still look really nice! And for just $4, I figure it’s good to have one of these sets around. And then I guess it was a good day to shop for drinking entertainment sets :) because I found a margarita set for $5. I almost left it, but then decided it was just too fun to pass up, so I turned around and bought it! I figure for five bucks, I wouldn’t have even been able to buy the glasses at the dollar store.

Then, I was super excited to find the Crocs! Crocs have become my favorite go-to work shoes. I never thought I’d say that I like Crocs, but they actually have really cute flats. I already have two pairs and they are more comfortable then my other shoes.

So for a total of $20 spent, I really happy with what I found…and the season is only beginning! Anyone else started garage sale-ing (how would you spell that?) yet? If so, have you found anything good?

My garage sale tips:
- Use craigslist to find where to go and if you have a smart phone, Garage Sale Rover and Yard Sale Mapper are good apps to show you where the garage sales are.
- If you won’t pay what they have marked, just ask!
- Go to subdivision sales, then you can go to many sales at once and don’t have to drive around as much.
- Think about what you WILL need. For example, I’ve bought winter coats during the summer because I know even though I don’t even want to try it on now, I’ll need it come winter!
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