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Shop Rite

There is a great new $0.55 off any one package of Joy Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones or any other Joy Ice Cream Cone Package coupon. If your local store doubles, this should make them FREE or almost FREE after coupon. Shop Rite has the Joy Cones 12-count for $0.99, so FREE after coupon.

{ 0 comments } released a $0.50/1 Simply Asia or Thai Kitchen Product coupon (use zip code 77477) making the coupon FREE after double coupon at many grocery stores, including Shop Rite and Wegmans.

There are two other coupons you may be interested in printing as well:

You will need to change zip codes to print these coupons. Please follow the directions below:
To change your zip code, CLICK HERE and enter the listed zip code associated with the coupon. After doing so, come back to this page and click the coupon link above and it should show up automatically.

{ 0 comments } released a $1 off any 2 Pillsbury Baking Mixes or Frosting coupon! Use zip 97440. These often go on sale for less than $1 during this season, so you should be able to grab a great deal. They are $0.79 a my local Shoprite, so ONLY $0.29 after coupon!! YAY!

Or you can get cookie mix for $0.29 at Target:

Pillsbury Cookie Mix $1.29
Use the $1/2 Pillsbury Baking Items Target store coupon
Plus, use the $1/2 Pillsbury Baking Mixes or Frosting coupon
= ONLY $0.29 each!

Thanks, Totally Target!


High Value $1.75/1 Smart Balance Coupon = CHEAP!

by One Frugal Chick on 08/15/2012

Coupon Network has a $1.75/1 Smart Balance Coupon after you “like” the coupon on facebook. This often goes on sale for $1.99, so ONLY $0.24 after coupon. Currently, I know you can grab these for $0.24 at Kroger, ShopRite & Stop & Shop.


Another $0.55/1 Joy Cone Package = FREE!

by One Frugal Chick on 06/22/2012

CLICK HERE to print another $0.55/1 Joy Cone Package. You can probably grab these for FREE if your local store doubles. These are currently $0.99 at Shop Rite, which makes them FREE after doubles :)

Also don’t forget about this other awesome $0.55/1 coupon which makes for more freebies, that you can print too!


My Shop Rite Trip Broken Down

by One Frugal Chick on 06/14/2012

First let me say I have two price plus cards, one under my name and one under hubby’s.  So this lets me get more catalina’s that sometimes are limited to one (like the Gift Card Catalina I am about to mention below).

This week at Shop Rite there is a Catalina deal going on when you buy $50 in Gift Cards you get a FREE $10 Catalina to use on purchases at Shop Rite. Gas Gift cards are included, so I used my two price plus cards and did two seperate transaction and bought $100 in Gas Gift Cards and got $10 back from each for a total of $20. I do not count this initial cost for the Gas Gift Cards because I need to fill up on gas anyway so in my mind the $10 catalinas are FREE MONEY :)

If you have no need for the Gas Gift Cards go right to the Purex deal and roll it from there.

So onto the actual deals, at this point it doesn’t matter if I use only 1 price plus card, because the Purex Catalina I am going to cover is rolling:

Purex Catalina Deal: Buy 6 Purex Items get $5 Catalina

There are 3 Printable coupons available for Purex, you can print 2 of each per computer for a total of 6 which is PERFECT for the deal!

You can print 2 $0.75 Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent Coupons from (use zip code 33013)

You can print 2 $1/1 Purex Triple Action Liquid Detergent*

You can print 2 $1/1 Purex Triple Action Detergent Sacs*

{There were also Purex Samples mailed out that contained $0.50/1 coupons, these too will double to $1}

* To print these you have to sign up for each variety of sample (first liquid, second sacs) and then on the page after you submit your info they will ask if you would like a coupon instead (it’s a bricks printable coupon) click yes and print the coupon twice. Then go back and sign up for the second kind of sample (must use a different address & email then the previous sample/coupon – think family members or just a random street/email you made up it really doesn’t matter) and then do the same thing submit for sample, then request coupon and print 2.

Making your total for 6, ONLY $5.99 after doubled coupons (if your store only doubles to $1- if your store fully doubles you will save an additional $1.50 for a money maker – my store does not fully double) for all 6, and you get back a $5 Catalina = $0.99 for all $6.

If you have access to multiple computers (I have access to 4) then you can print more and do more transactions and roll the Catalinas from your first purchase with more coupons in to a $0.99 transaction, and get back another $5 Catalina.

Trix & Kix are on sale this week for $1.88. There are $0.50/1 Trix printable coupons and $0.75/1 Kix Coupons available which double to $1 (or $1.50 if your store full doubles). Plus there are eCoupons you can load on the Shop Rite website for $0.50/1 Trix and $0.75/1 Kix that can be stacked with the printable coupons (these do not double). Making it $0.38 for Trix and $0.13 for Kix (Kix will be FREE if you store full doubles).

The Tony’s Pizzas are on sale for $0.88 and there are $0.50/2 printable coupons that double to $1, making them ONLY $0.38 a piece. You can print 2 per computer, so you can get 4 Pizzas for $0.38 each per computer. I have 4 computers 4×4 = 16 pizzas @ $0.38 :)

So I used the 2 $10 Catalina’s first mentioned from the Gas Gift Cards to buy a combination of Purex & Cereal and Tony’s Pizza, and paid very little out of pocket, and received a $5 catalina for Purex (did this twice so I had 2 $5 catalinas). Then I rolled my Purex Catalina’s into 2 More Purex only transactions paid out $0.99 each time for 6 items.  Then with my final 2 $5 catalina’s I picked up more cereal (6 @ $0.88 after printable coupons (you can only use the Shop Rite eCoupons once per card) = $5.28 – $5 Purex catalina = $0.28 for 6 boxes of cereal) and I bought 6 bags of Perogies (just because that was what I wanted to buy) which were on sale for $0.99 used the $5 catalina and paid  $0.94 for the 6 bags :)

So in the end it was $8.62 out of pocket

(not counting the $100 in Gas Gift Cards)



$0.50/2 Tony’s Pizza Coupon = CHEAP Pizza!!

by One Frugal Chick on 06/05/2012

There is a $0.50/2 Tony’s Pizza Coupon (use zip 62946). This is a great coupon because there aren’t any size exclusions and Tony’s Pizza often goes on sale for $1 or less. If your store doubles this means you can grab it for $0.50 or lower. Starting 6/13 Shop Rite will have these for $0.88, so ONLY $0.38 each after coupon!!


HIGH VALUE $2/1 Kikkomen Marinade Coupon = FREE!

by One Frugal Chick on 05/31/2012

Coupon is available again!

CLICK HERE to print a HIGH VALUE $2/1 Kikkomen Marinade Coupon! You should be able to score these very cheap or even FREE at your local grocery store!

Here are some great deals:

Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade and Sauce – 10 oz – $1.99
Use the $2/1 Kikkoman Marinade Coupon

Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade and Sauce – 10 oz – $2.79
Use the $2/1 Kikkoman Marinade Coupon
= $0.79

Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade Roasted Garlic – $2.69
Use the $2/1 Kikkoman Marinade Coupon
= $0.69

Stop & Shop
Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade and Sauce – 10 oz – $2.29
Use the $2/1 Kikkoman Marinade Coupon
= $0.29

Thanks LRWC!


“FREE” Snapple 6 pack Rebate!

by One Frugal Chick on 05/19/2012

There is a new Snapple Rebate available, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.  The rebate is for Snapple 6 pack purchases up to $6.99 and can be found on 6 pack Snapple Packages. You should be able to score these for FREE after rebate. For example, ShopRite has them for $5.99 each which makes them free after rebate! People are also selling extra forms on ebay if you are interested.

Thanks LRWC!


2 $1/1 Kashi Steam Meal Coupons available!

by One Frugal Chick on 04/17/2012

There are currently 2 $1/1 Kashi Steam Meal Coupons available:

$1/1 Kashi Steam Meal (

$1/1 Kashi Steam Meal (facebook)

These generally retail for around $3. Because these are newer your local grocery stores should be running sales on them sometime soon. For example next week Shop Rite (where I shop) will have them 50% off for $1.49, so ONLY $0.49 after coupon. You can also score the following deal at Target: